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Health & Fitness

managing Cancer in srikakulam district

Health, Nutrition and Medicine

Regular screening, diagnostics and counselling to help catch cancers early.

Fitness and Lifestyle

Social impact programmes to build the community’s wellness

Personalised Care Plans

Guidance based on family history, individual needs and test results.

Cancer Care in Srikakulam district – an example for others

Preventing and managing cancer through the local hospitals and clinics. We engage with regional politicians, businesses, managers, doctors, nurses, RMPs, Asha workers, Physiotherapists and support team.

Having Trouble Finding a Specialist?

You’re not alone. And we are here to help!

Choose from a wide range of specialists in your local area for a face to face consultation. Online consultations with specialists from all over India and the rest of the world.


How we can Help

Immediate access to local and organic foods

Food Coaching

Organic foods and packaged health foods

Sports Nutrition

Protein powders, Creatinine and mass gainers

Vitamins & Supplements

Wide range of nutraceuticals and medical supplements

Weight Loss

Continuous nutrition and diet plans to help decrease weight

Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Compare your current diet with what can be replaced. It is not so difficult to switch between the equivalent but safer foods.


Invest in your local farmer!


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